Information for Your Pet's Safety & Health (helpful hints for a happy pet)

This precious girl is Ginger and she says, "my Mom keeps my nails nice and trimmed so I have no trouble walking and running."


Hello, my name is Pepper, and Ginger and I are buddies.  We are Morkies (part Yorkie/Maltese).  Mom keeps my fur nice and trimmed, especially around my face so I have no problems seeing.



Regular visits to the vet for vaccinations and routine check-ups keeps us safe and healthy along with those living with us and our friends who come to visit us.


Bathing and grooming keeps us looking nice and smelling good and it is good for our fur.  Tangles hurt. Don't forget about proper dental cleaning.



Make sure your feathered friend sees a vet that specializes in birds.  Birds sometimes need to have their beaks tended too and their wings clipped professionally.  Keep them out of cold drafty areas.  Bubba says, "that is how I stay a pretty bird!"

Dogs require timely restroom breaks to keep a healthy body function.  "You expect me to go out there while it's raining?"  Cats always need a clean litter box to entice them to  eliminate in the proper designated area.

Sophie says,"always research and give your pet a good quality pet food."

Excerise and feed your pet wisely to assure a healthy weight.  Dogs love to go for walks. Proper fitting collars and harnesses are a must. Cocoa & Izzie say, "let's go!"


Always consult your vet for the proper care of your precious family member(s).

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